Just drive around and have fun!

Car controls: W, A, S, D.

Press R to restart.

Submitted to Nordic Game Jam ONLINE 2020.

Game works on Firefox and Chrome but not on Edge and Explorer browsers.

Based on the Ammo.js demo "vehicle".

Check out this Ammo.js tutorial!



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Haha, this is a fun little physics game. Laughed and enjoyed the driving, even though the car could do with being a little heavier. 😂 Edit: Came back and played it again. My roomie and I just sat and watched the car fall of the edge of the world and reach 1,000km/h. Was great.

Thanks! Adjusting the car was actually the hardest part. There is obviously a lot more to do...

I flipped my car and there's no way to turn it back.

You're right. Will fix that.

WASD controls ain't working there mate.

Does it work now? I changed to a standard event handler. It works on Firefox and Chrome, at least on my computer. Edge and Explorer does not work, unfortunately.

It does work now, and I am using Chrome. You should add COM (Center of mass) for better weight distribution ;)

Great! Thanks for testing my game and for the suggestion of COM.

You're welcome, cheers! If you can test my game, I'd appreciate that too! ;)