Move all the ice cubes to the exit. Leave no one behind!

Controls: Use mouse and click on the cubes. Then click on the arrows to move the cube. The cube will move until it hits a wall or another cube. Use your cubes wisely.

This is a prototype. There are only five levels. More to come...

Development log


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Thanks Joshua! There is now a refresh button and two new levels. You are welcome to check it out.

Hey no problem! Sounds like some good changes. :)

Needs a reset button since the first one I easily got myself stuck XD but yes. These sliding puzzles are super enjoyable and I love the difficulty of thinking before I move like a chess game. The chill music really helped as well for setting the tone. Well done! Keep it up with the puzzles :)

Glad you like my puzzle! Yes, a reset button is very much needed.