Controls: Arrow buttons (left, right & up). Restart game with r. Collect all coins of one colour to complete a level. Coloured walls can only be passed if a coin of the same colour is first picked up. Use the brown fuel to fly. Presently there are ten levels.  The last level (10) is unfinished and cannot be completed. Suggestions for new levels are welcome.

Game design, sound FX & programming

Magnus Lindh


Charlotte McMillan. Soundcloud:


The code is based on chapter 16 in the book Eloquent Javascript 3d edition by Marijn Haverbeke which is available for free online:

The code for this game is on GithHub:


Level 1: Title. Keep in mind collecting all coins of only one colour is enough.

Level 2: Fields. You need to collect two coins in one jump.

Level 3: Eiffel tower. The only way is up.

Level 4: Squares. Water will not kill you, only make you slower.

Level 5: Volcano. First go up, then down.

Level 6: Tennis. Use the white stairs in the centre.

Level 7: Castle. First go left, then right.

Level 8: Triangle. Collect the white coins, or your favourite colour.

Level 9: Snow flake. Impossible?

Level 10: Death star. Unfinished.

Good luck!

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