The goal is to bring back light to a dark arcade TV-game world. Collect all the suns before time runs out. Use your magic to crush stones, walk on water, shoot fire bolts, and for protection against all evil.

The first rune (ᚦ) is the symbol for trolls and great power. The second rune (ᛚ) is the symbol for water, magic and traveling. The third rune (ᛉ) protects against evil, and may be a symbol of the elk. The forth rune (ᛇ) represents a juniper and death. The fifth rune (ᛋ) symbolizes the sun, lightning and victory!

By interacting with plants, animals, and other beings you gain in power. Kill trolls to crush stones. Kill wizards to walk fast on water. Kill elks to gain stamina. Cut down trees to reload.

Controls: I,J,K,L (running direction), F (fire) , Q (restart) and T (tutorial).

The game is based on the template  game Timebomb Scroll by Rex van der Spuy.

Submitted to the Summer Slow Jams August 2019: Edutainment Games.

GenreAdventure, Educational
Made withPiskel
TagsAction-Adventure, Arcade, rune
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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Super fun! Challenging and addictive to try and get all the stars before time runs out. It would be good to know in the tutorial that picking up trees recharges the magic fire.

Thank you! Yes the tutorial can be improved.

I like the design of the scene, the way you have the suns in progressively harder areas so that the player has to think as to how to get them. But one problem i had was when i pressed "F" nothing would fire. I don't know if it was on purpose and that there is some sort of cool down but that should have been made more clear. Other than that its a pretty neat game, well done :)

Thanks for playing! Seems like there is some problem with the fire. If you run out of shots you have to reload by picking up trees. This is not very clear from the game description. Maybe a tutorial is needed.