They come from the sky! Beware of the green meanies!

Controls: Use the keyboard arrow buttons and a mouse, or a touch device.

Made with the 3d graphics library Babylon JS and the Zuper Zmall Zound Zynth ZzFX.

The game was inspired by Ralph Fasanella, Modern Times, 1966, oil on canvas, Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Submitted to the SAAM ARCADE 2021 Jam.

Development log


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Your game looks great but I'm afraid It doesn't work on browser! Try to slap together a downloadable windows version if you can't get the Web build to work.

Jag är säker att du kan fixa det, good luck!

Sorry the game doesn't work for you. I tried it on Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers, and it seems to work fine. Which broswer do you use?

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Might have been something on my end, had to reinstall chrome.

Fundamentally it's a very cool take on space invaders or even missile command in 3D, running around trying to stop enemies reaching the ground in 3D sound very fun!

That said I definitely think that the controls need some work. It might work better on mobile when using the touch device but using the mouse is quite hard. Locking the mouse in place and allowing you to click to shoot would go a long way.

No sound! Even a couple of bleeps and bloops when hitting the enemy can make the game seem more reactive to the player.    More sound!

Would love some sort of score system to try to beat each run or to have a limited amount of lives.

A really cool idea which needs just that tiny extra bit of polish to become good, well done!


Thanks for playing and giving feed-back!

I agree on most of the criticism. The controls are pretty bad on a laptop for example, but the game is intended for a touch device.

There is sound, but I know from previous experience that sound is a weak spot in  web games. 

A more interesting score and level system would be nice, I totally agree!