Instructions: Random words will appear on the board and your task is to place them on matching letters while avoiding mismatches. Move current word (red) with A, D, S, W and place it on existing words (blue-green). Placing a word on two matching words will remove the current word and the matching words. If two matching words are connected by a fourth word also this will be removed. The score for a correct match is the sum of the letter score of the current word = word score (same as in Scrabble). You get points for placing (word score) and removing words (word score times 4). Skipping a word will reduce your score by word score.

Move word: A, D, S, W

Enter word: RETURN / ENTER

Rotate word: R

Skip word: N

Quit and restart game: Q

Note that this is a prototype and therefore may not work as expected. Any feed-back is greatly appreciated!

(Submitted to the 8 Bits to Infinity Text Only Jam 2, 2021.)

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A very cool and unique idea. I think the next step could have been some sort of penalty for skipping a word.

Thanks for playing! There is a score penalty for skipping a word. You can even get a negative score.