Torsten is a broughlike viking game.

The game is based on a tutorial by Jeremiah Reid,

Sound effects were made with jsfxr,


Control Torsten with A, D, S, W and cast spells with 1-9.  Alternatively, use mouse or touch device. Monsters will spawn initially, once a treasure is collected, and spontaneously at an increasing rate. The green spiral indicates a spawning monster. The purple door is an exit for the next level. Three collected treasures will give you one new spell. You can move walls by walking into them, if the walls are not blocked by another wall or a monster. Health is represented by the red dots at the base of each character. There is no final goal of the game, besides reaching for the high score.

Lycka till!

(Good luck!)


TROLL moves once 

VAMPIRE moves twice

SKELETON moves every other turn

CROC destroys walls and heals by doing so

FAIRY moves randomly


WOOP warps the player to a random passable tile.

QUAKE deals monsters 2 damage for each adjacent wall.

MAELSTROM teleports monsters to a random tile.

MULLIGAN resets the level without increasing the level count or resetting the player's spells and sets the player's HP to 1.

AURA heals both the player and any adjacent monsters.

DASH moves the player in the direction of their last move or attack until they are blocked by a wall or monster.

DIG replaces all walls with floors.

KINGMAKER heals all monsters and generates a treasure on their tile.

ALCHEMY turns all adjacent walls that are not part of the outer wall into floors with a treasure.

POWER makes the next player attack do 6 damage.

BUBBLE duplicates spells.

BRAVERY gives the player a free turn.

BOLT operates in the direction of the player's last move.

CROSS operates in the 4 cardinal directions.  

EX operates in diagonal directions.

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